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Hinoakane Tea Bag 20 Pcs Made In Japan

Hinoakane Tea Bag 20 Pcs Made In Japan -

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Hinokane is a brand of green tea developed by a Japanese state-run research institute that has the best health functions of any Japanese tea to date.

 It has an easy-to-drink taste like fragrant green tea, and when acidic additives such as lemon are added, the color changes from green to Akane-iro, allowing for a variety of ways to enjoy it.


Japan's first red tea


Saint Rouge

Saint Rouge, which grows in the sun on the southern island, is Japan's first "red Japanese tea."

 It is a new tea that was just registered as a variety in 2011.

The rare red tea leaves contain a kind of polyphenol "anthocyanin", and when acidified with lemon etc., it turns pink.

It is a highly functional tea that delivers the "power of tea" to the body while enjoying the color change.


Saint Rouge grows in the sun on the southern island. Research on the functional ingredients hidden in red tea leaves is being promoted among countries, universities, and companies, and various effects on the body are expected.

Tokunoshima is located in the center of the Amami Islands, 492km south-southwest of Kagoshima. Inhabited by the emerald green sea and rare flora and fauna, the old-fashioned life of the island is still alive, and you can meet the warm and easy-going smiles of the islanders.

 Tokunoshima, the village of Saint-Rouge, had the climatic conditions unique to the southern islands that make tea leaves turn red, and the passion of the tea plantations.

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