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Asahi Shuzo Kubota Manjyu Junmai Daiginjyo

Asahi Shuzo Kubota Manjyu Junmai Daiginjyo -

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KUBOTA's flagship, a premium Junmai Daiginjo. The complex, pleasant flavor and flawless balance is crafted with expert brewing techniques. It has a floral, refined aroma that is in perfect harmony with the clean, silky and smooth texture.

Recommended to serve slightly chilled or warmed to establish the presence of taste.

Manjyo 720ml / 1.8L with box

Sake Features

Rice Polishing Ratio 50% for Koji (Gohyakumangoku rice produced in Niigata) & 33% for mash (the locally grown rice in Niigata)

Alc. 15%

Acidity Level 1.2

Sake Meter Value(SMV) +2

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