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Daiyame Shochu Alc 25% 900ml

Daiyame Shochu Alc 25% 900ml -

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Award winning Shochu

Shochu is commonly referred to as Japanese Vodka due to the similarities in its distilling process.


An award winning shochu, perfected from cumulative 150 years of exquisite craftmanship and unique distilling technologies.

A Fragrance like Lychee


Sweet and mellow, ending with a crispy aftertaste.

 The lychee sweetness appears with a fruity and floral flavours of rose, pear and apple!

One will think it's made from lychee but this fragrance comes from the ‘Koujuku-imo’ (sweet potato), developed using a new aging method.


Served in high-end restaurants and bars

Daiyame, world recognized sweet potato shochu is also served in high-end restaurants and bars.

Best served as DAIYAME HIGHBALL.


Product Name Daiyame 濱田酒造 だいやめ

Country of Origin Kagoshima, Japan


Alcohol %25%

Expiry Date No expiry date


How to store: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunshine.


How to prepare Best served with carbonated water.

Serving Suggestion: Daiyame Highball (mix with soda)

- Refreshing taste

- Best to pair with strong-tasting dishes.

- Recommended as an appetizer or during meals.


Cool Daiyame (straight & cool)

- The taste is enhanced by ice. The sweetness and slight bitterness is well-balanced.

- It goes well with desserts that is lightly sweet and sour.

- Recommended after meals or, of course for during meals.

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