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Gekkeikan Kanjuku Umeshu Genshu 720ml

Gekkeikan Kanjuku Umeshu Genshu 720ml -

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Made with fully ripened plums. The umeshu plum wine in this glass bottle has been made using fully ripened nanko ume plums, which are well known for their peach-like sweet aroma and a flavour completely free of any bitterness. As such, you can rest assured that this plum wine will be deliciously sweet and fragrant. Great as an aperitif or dessert wine, as well as fantastic in cocktails or served on the rocks.


完熟梅酒原酒 紀州産の完熟南高梅を100%使用して仕込んだ梅酒です。完熟させた南高梅を用いることにより、桃のような甘い香りと、苦みのない豊かな味わいを醸し出しています。

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