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Hakutsuru Junmai Daiginjo Ukiyoe Label Sake 720ml Alc 15.3

Hakutsuru Junmai Daiginjo Ukiyoe Label Sake 720ml Alc 15.3 -

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Rice Variety: Yamada Nishiki or Hakutsuru Nishiki.

Polishing Ratio: 50%.


Ukiyo-e (ooh-kee-yoh-eh) is a Japanese woodblock print or painting of famous kabuki actors, beautiful women, travel landscapes and city life from the Edo period. Ukiyo-e is significant in expressing the sensual attributes of Japanese culture from 17th to 19th century.



This woodblock print depicting the character of Umeomaru is so famous that it has become synonymous with aragoto, the flamboyant, powerful style of acting. It is one of the most sought-after roles by even contemporary kabuki actors. In 1796, artist Kabukido Enkyo portrayed Ichikawa Yaozo III as Umeomaru that showed a figure of fine appearance.



Smooth and delicate with pleasant aromas of honeydew, fuji apple, and hints of licorice. Slightly dry with pleasant flavors of honeydew, bartlett pears, cherry and a touch of almond with a clean, crisp finish.



Delicious with paella, grilled white fish with soy sauce and lemon zest, shrimp and scallop scampi with linguine.


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