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Imuraya Taiyaki Ice (Red Bean Wafer Ice Cream) Carton Sale(20 Pieces)

Imuraya Taiyaki Ice (Red Bean Wafer Ice Cream) Carton Sale(20 Pieces) -

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Product of Japan, Imuraya Box Taiyaki Ice (Red Bean Wafer Ice Cream) will captivate you as it is unique and delicious. Designed in shape of gold fish with red bean and ice cream filling that are really extraordinary. This is a must try item, especially you're a fan of Japanese sweets!.

Old-fashioned taiyaki ice. Please enjoy plenty of bean from head to tail.

Ingredients: Sugar, starch syrup, red beans, dairy products, chocolate coating (including dairy components), monaka (including wheat), vegetable oils, corn starch (not genetically modified), egg yolk (including eggs), reduced starch syrup, salt / sorbitol, Processed starch, emulsifier (from soy), flavor (from milk and soy), stabilizer (thickening polysaccharide), caramel pigment, swelling agent

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