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Ippongi Denshin Yuki / Rin Junmai Ginjo / Junmai Daiginjo 720ml Japanese Sake 伝心

Ippongi Denshin Yuki / Rin Junmai Ginjo / Junmai Daiginjo 720ml Japanese Sake 伝心 -

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--Denshin [Snow]


This sake features a calm fragrance and pure crisp taste that gives you a sense of a quiet, snow-covered sake factory.


With the first sensation of cherries, this sake has a soft, indulgent fragrance reminiscent of vanilla and cotton candy.

Its flavor is clear and transparent, filled with a pure impression of sake brewing water that originates from fresh snowmelt.

This signature item from Denshin is named "Snow" to represent its pure and refreshing taste.


It pairs exceptionally well with citrus flavors, such as the acidity of lemon. Dishes seasoned with lemon and salt, raw oysters with a squeeze of lemon, grilled fish with lime, and steamed shrimp with lime are all enhanced by the delicate sweetness of Snow, creating an even more pleasant taste experience.


Junmai Ginjo Sake

Rice Used (Koji Rice): Yamada Nishiki (Kake Rice): Gohyakumangoku

Polishing Ratio: 55%

Alcohol Content: 16%


International Wine Challenge - Silver Award 1 time

Delicious Japanese Sake Award with Wine Glass - Gold Award 1 time

Slow Food Japan Kan Sake Contest - Gold Award 1 time

Kura Master Japanese Sake Competition - Platinum Award 1 time



--Denshin [Rin]


This is a description of premium sake from the Tsunenori series, which uses exclusively the rare sake rice "Koshinoshizuku" indigenous to the Oyama region, available year-round. The sake is named "Rin" as an individual appellation and is born under strict winter conditions and crisp, taut air during its brewing process.


The first impression of this sake is a sweet fragrance reminiscent of white peaches or lychees. It has a refreshing mouthfeel followed by a pleasant bitterness that enhances its dryness, finishing with a clean aftertaste.


The key to pairing this sake is to pair it with salty and oily (fatty) foods. It pairs particularly well with beef dishes such as beef tataki. Cheese is also a good match, especially with Mimolette cheese, which helps to cleanse the mouth with the bitterness of the sake.


This is a Junmai Daiginjo sake with a rich aroma that carries undertones of peaches and lychee and an elegant taste full of depth and freshness


Junmai Daiginjo Sake

Rice used: (Koji Rice) Koshinoshizuku, (Steamed Rice) Koshinoshizuku

Polishing Ratio: 45%

Alcohol Percentage: 17%


International Wine Challenge - Bronze Award twice

International Sake Challenge - Silver Award once, Bronze Award once

US National Sake Appreciation Competition - Gold Award once

Delicious Sake Award with Wine Glass - Gold Award once

Slow Food Japan Hot Sake Contest - Gold Award once

Kura Master Junmai Daiginjo Division - Gold Award twice

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