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Ishibashiya Carrot Shirataki Noodle Bundle Of 5

Ishibashiya Carrot Shirataki Noodle Bundle Of 5 -

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Japan’s Healthiest Food


We have been offering hand-made Konjac since our founding in 1877.


Konjac is made from grain, and has 300 years of history in Japan.


Features of Konjac

1) Good for dieting because it is low in calories (5 calories per 100 g)

2) High in dietary fiber (2.2 g fiber per 100 g), about the same as one head of lettuce

3) Optimal for diabetics

4) Konjac is an alkaline food

5) Causes the body to secrete toxins

6) Decreases cholesterol

7) High in calcium (half as much as milk)


This Low-Calorie, Low-Carb and Rich in Dietary Fiber


superfood helps you:

- Lose weight

- Lower blood sugar

- Reduce cholesterol

- Relieve constipation

- Reduce irritable bowel syndrome

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