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Matsukuraya Kumanbachi Fruit Liquor Kiwi/Peach/Yuzu/Grape/Apple 7% 720ml

Matsukuraya Kumanbachi Fruit Liquor Kiwi/Peach/Yuzu/Grape/Apple 7% 720ml -

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Kumanbachi is a fruit liqueur that captures the freshness and abundant pulp when you bite into fresh fruit. It allows you to savor the inherent deliciousness of the fruit, experiencing its natural flavor.



This is the true essence of fruit! Crunchy seeds, abundant pulp! The plentiful pulp, crunchy texture of the seeds, and gentle acidity all complement each other perfectly.



Like taking a crisp bite of an apple, with a refreshing sweetness! Grated apple spreads with a crisp and smooth texture.



A refreshing scent of yuzu that glides smoothly! The distinct acidity and subtle bitterness spread in your mouth, making it easy to pair with various dishes.



Rich aroma and flavor as if you're eating grapes directly! You can feel the sweetness and a balanced hint of tartness, including the astringency of the skin.



Delight in the silky juice and delightful chunks of fruit. A gentle peach liqueur enveloped in a soft, lingering peach aroma.


Size: 720ml

Alc 7%

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