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Sake Born Gold Junmai Daiginjo Alc 15% 720ml 梵・ゴールド

Sake Born Gold Junmai Daiginjo Alc 15% 720ml 梵・ゴールド -

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Updated as of November 2023: Production date - Oct 2023


Unfiltered, with a delicate golden hue, this Junmai Daiginjo sake is a blend of sake aged at ice-cold temperatures, reaching -10°C for up to a year. This unfiltered Junmai Daiginjo sake, blended with sake that has matured at -10°C for up to a year, is heated just before shipping to lock in its exquisite flavor, resulting in a golden-hued masterpiece. Due to its lack of filtration, the sake boasts a stunning light golden color, coupled with a clear and refreshing aroma, and a distinctively refreshing and impactful taste.



Ingredients: Rice, Rice Koji Alcohol Content: 14% to less than 15% Rice Origin: Yamadanishiki, contract-grown in the special "A" district of Hyogo Prefecture Polishing Ratio: 50%



2023 Las Vegas Global Wine Awards - Gold Medal CINVE Spain Wine Competition - Gold Medal Texsom Awards - Gold Medal Feminalise World Wine Competition - Gold Medal Los Angeles International Wine Competition - Best of Class (Grand Prize)

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