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Umenoyado Brewery Yuzushu / Umeshu / Momoshu / Mikanshu / Mukkushu 720ml 梅乃宿

Umenoyado Brewery Yuzushu / Umeshu / Momoshu / Mikanshu / Mukkushu 720ml 梅乃宿 -

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Umenoyado products are created with the goal of being the perfect Sake for any occasion.

The passion for Sake is what drives the hard work of the people at Umenoyado, who appreciate every grain of rice.


Yuzu Shu 12% 720ml

Refreshingly light, bright citrus flavors combined with soft texture and a hint of sweetness.


Aragoshi Umeshu 12% 720ml

It retains the natural pulps in umeshu which gives pleasant nigori-like texture. Cool well and straight, Rocks, with soda.


Aragoshi Momo 8% 720ml

This Momo-Shu, has been made using the similar processes as the famous umeshu produced by Umenoyado. This liqueur however, has replaced the ume plum with Japanese White Peaches. Native to Japan, the Japanese White Peach has an elegant sweetness to it as compared to its yellow peach counterpart.


Umenoyado Aragoshi Mikan 720ml:

made from Citrus unshiu, brewed alcohol, sugar, sake, and citric acid, with an alcohol content of 7%.


Umenoyado Mikkushu 720ml:

Using 7 types of fruits, we have carefully crafted a delectable balance while fully utilizing the unique characteristics of each ingredient. Sweet and rich peaches, mangoes, bananas, oranges, and apples, as well as special spirits infused with yuzu and lemon, provide a refreshing finish. The texture of the mashed mandarins and grated apples is irresistible, making this a luxurious liqueur. Enjoy the taste packed with the techniques, experience, ideas, and abundance of fruit juice from Umenojuku.


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